1. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will not only disqualify the racer from the race, but the offender will be banned from any further races. Racing is fun, race friendly.
2. Littering: Any rider caught littering on the course or anywhere in the venue will be disqualified and banned from any further races.
3. All riders must submit to faster riders – no blocking is allowed.
4. Riders must submit to other trail users. The trails will be closed to other users but if someone mistakenly goes on the course, riders must slow down and be safe. Please do not be rude to other trail users, if you are, rule no.1 will apply.
5. Cutting the course is grounds for disqualification and racer being banned from further races.
6. Racers must start and finish the race on the same bike frame they started on.
7. Wheel & all other part changes or major repairs must be done in the designated pit area only, riders may have assistance in pit area.
8. Pro & Expert racers are responsible for their own repairs on the course outside the pit zone. These riders must be self supported on the course, no outside assistance.
9. Riders must smile the whole time they race, racing is fun, failure to smile will cause fatigue.
10. Hamming it up for the photographer is encouraged.