• The first 15 racers in each category will acquire points as listed below for completing the following races of the Non Dot Mountain Bike Race Series: Whiting, Caspers, Aliso, and Santiago Oaks.The overall individual series leaders in each category will win a custom award. Best 3 out of 4 races will count towards your points total.
  • Team points will be the points from the top 5 racers of each team at each race. Maximum points per race is 500 (5 first place finishes). Please choose your team from the drop down menu when registering. If your team is not listed, please email us at and we will add it. The top 3 teams will receive a team award.
  • Awards for the overall Non Dot Mountain Bike Race Series will be presented at the final race of the series (Santiago Oaks). 
  • In order to be eligible for the series award, racers/teams must complete three of the four races within the Non Dot Adventures Mountain Bike Race Series.
  • If there is a tie, the overall top 3 winners will be determined by the winner of the final race at Santiago Oaks.

Place – Points:

1st – 100
2nd – 90
3rd – 82
4th – 75
5th – 69
6th – 63
7th – 58
8th – 53
9th – 49
10th – 45
11th – 41
12th – 37
13th – 34
14th – 31
15th – 28

Non Dot Adventures holds these mountain bike races in partnership with OC Parks. OC Parks’ facilities offer something for everyone — recreation, nature, quality time with friends and family, opportunities to learn about the history of Orange County, and more. OC Parks is committed to managing its facilities to maximize public enjoyment while providing conscientious stewardship to maintain the lands so they are available for generations to come. For more information about the parks that these races occur, please visit